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How to Integrate Shopify Email with ECPower to Drive Growth in Key Customer Segments
How to Integrate Shopify Email with ECPower to Drive Growth in Key Customer Segments

How to Integrate Shopify Email with ECPower to Drive Growth in Key Customer Segments

Updated At:
Jun 21, 2024


What is Shopify Email?

Shopify Email is an email marketing app launched by Shopify in 2019. While it may not have all the features of the more established email marketing apps on Shopify, it stands out for its affordability and seamless integration with Shopify store data, offering a high cost-performance ratio.

It's an attractive option for stores that are new to email marketing or want to experiment with newsletters without a significant investment.

What is ECPower Segment Management?

ECPower is a tool for creating and managing customer segments based on Shopify order data. It allows for the consolidation of segments like "first-time customers," "loyal customers," and "fans of specific product lines" in one place. With ECPower, you can track metrics such as customer count, repeat purchase rate, LTV, and revenue.

ECPower enables the creation of segments using data from Shopify-integrated apps, such as "LINE-connected customers" and "subscription customers," and automatically syncs with Shopify, allowing for the use of its segments with various Shopify tools.

Benefits of Integrating ECPower with Shopify Email

Run Klaviyo-level email campaigns at an affordable price

Shopify Email is cost-effective, making it accessible for startups to begin email marketing efforts. However, its segmentation and reporting features may lag behind those offered by Klaviyo.

With ECPower, you can manage customer segments akin to Klaviyo and sync them automatically with Shopify Email, enabling advanced repeat marketing strategies at a fraction of the cost.

Track the growth of customer segments beyond a single campaign

While any email marketing tool can execute segment-based sending, tracking the long-term growth of crucial customer segments in terms of numbers, LTV, and targeted revenue increases can be challenging.

ECPower allows for comprehensive management and tracking of customer segment growth, helping marketers focus on and analyze the right segments for targeted communication strategies.

Use customer segments across different tools including WhatsApp

As regulations around newsletters tighten post-2024, with platforms like Google and Yahoo possibly reducing reach or leading to quicker unsubscribes, alternative communication methods are being explored.

By managing customer segments in ECPower, these segments can be utilized across various tools beyond Shopify Email, enhancing marketing efforts.

Enhance email marketing content with insights into customer segment features

ECPower reveals top-purchased items and frequently bought products by segment, offering valuable insights for tailoring marketing strategies.

How to Integrate

Step 1: Sync ECPower Customer Segments with Shopify

Set up "automatic sync" in ECPower for your customer segments. Specifying a "Shopify customer tag name" ensures that the most current segment membership data is reflected.

Make sure to check "Create a Shopify customer segment at the same time."

How ECPower's Auto-Sync Works

ECPower automatically performs the following tasks daily:

  • Adds specified Shopify customer tags to newly added members of a segment.
  • Removes specified Shopify customer tags from customers no longer in the segment.

This ensures that Shopify customer tags are always up to date with the latest segment information.

Step 2: Accessing ECPower Customer Segments in Shopify Email

In Shopify Email's sending settings, look for the customer segment created with ECPower.

These segments are updated daily, ensuring that the Shopify Email customer segments are always current. Once set up, they can be used indefinitely.

Install ECPower

Find ECPower on Shopify app Store.

Begin with the basic free version and upgrade your repeat marketing strategies with a focus on customer segments!

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