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Customer Segment Overview

Customer Segment Overview

Last Update:
May 9, 2024

What is Customer Segment?

  • Customer segment is technically a set of conditions.
  • Customers in the segments are updated daily based on whether they meet certain specified condition.

Data Definition

Metric Name Definition
Customers The number of customers who have placed an order at least once.
Repeat Customer Rate The proportion of repeat customers (those who have purchased a total of 2 or more times)
Lifetime Value The average CLV over all customers and all periods
Order Value The average value of purchase price per customer
Order Count The average value of total number of purchase per customer
Purchase Interval The average number of days between purchases per customer


Actions on Customer Segment

Actions Explanation
View detail It will transition to the detailed screen of the selected customer segment.
Add to Home The selected customer segment will be displayed in the "Featured Customer Segments" section on the home screen.
Assign Shopify tag You can assign a specific customer tag to customers currently in the segment.
Create revenue tracking Create revenue tracking for the selected segment.
View features Transition to the “features” page for the selected segment.
View by cohorts Transition to the cohort analysis page for the selected segment.
Duplicate You can reuse the conditions of the selected segment to create a new customer segment.
Edit You can edit and update the icon, name, and description of the selected customer segment.
Delete The selected customer segment will be deleted. Please note that this operation cannot be undone. "Metric History" will be lost once deleted. Customer tag assignment histories will be deleted simultaneously but the tags assigned to customers in Shopify will not be deleted.


  • You can type text to search for matching condition names.

Download CSV

  • Download data shown on a list in CSV format.

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