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Popular product vendors | Gain insights from which brands are contributing to customer loyalty at each segment in your Shopify Store

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May 9, 2024

For Shopify store owners who curate a diverse range of products from various vendors or brands, understanding which brands are driving customer loyalty is crucial. The "Popular Product Vendors" report provides a comprehensive overview of how different brands perform across your customer segments, highlighting those that are contributing significantly to your store's success.

Detailed Insights from the "Popular Product Vendors" Report

This report goes beyond mere sales volume to focus on the buyer, offering a nuanced view of customer preferences and loyalty toward different vendors.

💎 Popular Product Vendors

This section of the report showcases the popularity of each vendor within a segment, detailing the number of customers who purchased from each and presenting this data as a ratio—the total customer count in the segment serving as the denominator. This approach helps pinpoint which brands are truly resonating with your customers.

💎 Popular Product Vendors at Initial Purchase

Understanding which vendors attract customers to make their first purchase can be pivotal for strategizing entry points into your product lineup. This data is also presented with the total segment customer count as the denominator, providing clear insights into which brands successfully convert new visitors into buyers.

💎 Popular Product Vendors at Repeat Purchases

Equally important is recognizing which vendors encourage customers to come back. This part of the report focuses on repeat purchase behavior, using the repeat customer count in the segment as the denominator. It highlights the brands that not only attract but also retain customers, an essential aspect of building long-term loyalty.

Why the "Popular Product Vendors" Report Matters

For specialty stores, regularly reviewing which brands contribute most to customer loyalty is vital. This not only ensures your product lineup remains fresh and relevant but also allows you to make informed decisions about potentially phasing out less popular vendors. Additionally, from the perspective of the purchase journey, analyzing vendor performance can provide strategic insights, especially if you're blending well-known brands with private labels to attract and transition customers to your own products.

Strategic Brand Introduction and Adjustment

For stores preparing to launch private brands or looking to enhance the role of existing private labels, understanding which external brands serve as effective introductions to your own offerings is invaluable. This strategic insight can guide how you introduce and position your private brands to new and returning customers.

Use Cases - Recommended Segments Filters

  • Segment Based on Initial Brands and Vendors: If you aim to increase purchases of private brands following an introduction by other brands, review which brands are leading to repeat purchases. This analysis will help you understand which initial purchases are converting into loyalty for your private labels.
  • Your Most Active Customer Segments: Keeping a pulse on current trends with your best-selling brands will inform necessary adjustments. This proactive approach allows for timely updates to your brand mix, ensuring that your store continues to meet the evolving preferences of your most active customers.

By leveraging the "Popular Product Vendors" report, you can strategically manage your brand relationships, optimize your product offerings, and enhance customer loyalty. This report is an indispensable tool for any Shopify store owner looking to understand and capitalize on the brand dynamics within their market.

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