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How to Leverage Omnisend and ECPower for Growing Key Customer Segments
How to Leverage Omnisend and ECPower for Growing Key Customer Segments

How to Leverage Omnisend and ECPower for Growing Key Customer Segments

Updated At:
Jun 21, 2024


What is Omnisend?

Omnisend is an email marketing service that has been available since 2014, known for its seamless integration with Shopify. Often compared to Klaviyo, it stands as a strong competitor, offering a nearly identical range of features.

Its distinguishing feature is its omnichannel marketing platform, enabling marketing through not just email, but also web notifications and SMS, among other channels.

The Shopify App ECPower: A Customer Segment Management Tool

ECPower is a tool designed for creating and managing customer segments based on Shopify order data. It allows for centralized management of various segments like first-time customers, loyal customers, and fans of specific product lines, tracking metrics such as customer count, repeat purchase rates, LTV, and sales.

ECPower enables the creation of customer segments using data from Shopify-integrated apps, such as "WhatsApp-connected customers" or "subscription customers," and automatically syncs these segments with Shopify. This integration allows for the use of ECPower customer segments across various Shopify tools.

Learn more about ECPower on Shopify Apps

The Benefits of Integrating ECPower with Omnisend

Tracking the Growth of Customer Segments Beyond Single Campaigns

While Omnisend offers segment distribution based on Shopify order data, tracking the long-term growth of key customer segments in terms of numbers, LTV, and targeted sales increases can be challenging.

Typically, marketers can track click rates and sales on a campaign basis, but gaining a deeper understanding of customer segment data and deciding which segments to focus on requires a more comprehensive approach than what most email marketing tools offer.

Using a customer segment management tool for centralized management allows for monitoring the growth of customer segments, identifying key segments to focus on, and enhancing communication strategies based on segment characteristics.

Advanced Email Marketing to Targeted Customer Segments

Although Omnisend provides segment distribution based on Shopify's order data, its flexibility pales in comparison to ECPower and Klaviyo. With ECPower, it's possible to create and manage customer segments in a more nuanced way, such as targeting customers who first bought from category A and then made repeat purchases from category B.

Managing customer segments with ECPower and integrating with Omnisend for email marketing is highly recommended.

Utilizing Customer Segments Across WhatsApp and Other Tools

Considering marketing strategies for existing customers, email marketing remains a strong option. However, with Google and Yahoo tightening regulations on newsletters, leading to lower reach and increased unsubscribe rates when content is deemed irrelevant, alternative communication methods are being explored.

By managing customer segments with ECPower, these segments can be leveraged across various tools beyond Omnisend, offering a versatile approach to customer communication.

Refining Email Marketing Content with Insights from ECPower

ECPower provides immediate insights into the most purchased products within customer segments and the products most commonly bought by first-time customers. This information can serve as valuable guidance for tailoring marketing strategies to each segment.

How to Integrate

Step 1: Syncing ECPower Customer Segments with Shopify Customer Tags

To synchronize ECPower-created customer segments with Shopify, set up "automatic sync" within ECPower.

Specifying a "Shopify customer tag name" ensures that the latest segment membership information is always updated.

Mechanics of ECPower's Segment Auto-Sync

ECPower automatically performs the following daily:

  • Adds specified Shopify customer tags to new members of a customer segment.
  • Removes specified Shopify customer tags from customers no longer in the segment.

This keeps the Shopify customer tags up-to-date with the latest customer segment information.

Step 2: Accessing ECPower Customer Segments from Omnisend

If your Shopify store is linked with Omnisend, you can locate ECPower customer tags directly from Omnisend's segment creation interface under "tags."

Create your Omnisend customer segments with these conditions and proceed with your email campaigns. Since ECPower updates the customer tags daily, Omnisend's customer segments will always be current, allowing for continuous use once created.

Install ECPower

Find ECPower on Shopify app Store.

To start leveraging ECPower, a customer segment management tool compatible with various Shopify apps, begin here. It's available for free, offering a way to enhance your repeat marketing strategies based on customer segments.

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