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Order Activities | What is and how to track per customer segments in your Shopify Store

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May 9, 2024

Tracking order activities by customer segment is a pivotal aspect of understanding and optimizing customer engagement and sales performance within your Shopify store. This guide explores the intricacies of order activities within customer segments, their importance, and how to effectively monitor them over time.

Report Overview

Order Activities entail daily order records from customers belonging to a segment, updated at the latest data refresh.

Order activities are categorized into three distinct groups:

  • A: Order activities from customers newly added to the segment: This includes orders from customers who have just met the criteria to be included in the segment.
  • B: Order activities from customers within the segment: This covers orders from customers who are already in the segment and continue to place orders that fit the segment's criteria.
  • C: Order activities from customers leaving the segment: This includes orders that move a customer out of the segment's criteria.

For example, in a segment of repeat customers with an order count of 2 to 4:

  • A customer's second order categorizes them into group A.
  • Orders three and four from an existing customer in the segment are classified under group B.
  • A fifth order, which moves a customer out of the segment's criteria, falls into group C.

What's Order Activities from Segment and Why It Matters

Order Activities from Segment offer a daily aggregation of orders from customers within a segment. Gaining a detailed understanding of actual order activities is crucial for a granular analysis of customer behavior and segment performance. This insight allows businesses to evaluate whether their targeted marketing strategies are yielding the intended outcomes, such as promoting specific products or inadvertently driving sales of other items.

How to Record and Check Order Activities from Segment Over Time

Many segmentation tools, including those provided by email marketing platforms and Shopify's admin panel, lack the functionality to track order activities over time. This challenge is compounded by the dynamic nature of customer segments, making it difficult to retrospectively determine a customer's segment membership at the time of their order. Additionally, tools that display past order histories of current segment members can be misleading, as they might omit orders from customers who have left the segment or include all past orders of newly added customers, which may not be relevant to the segment's targeted marketing efforts.

Misinterpretation of this data can lead to incorrect conclusions about the effectiveness of marketing strategies over time. It's crucial to have a reliable and accurate method of recording and analyzing order activities within your segments.

ECPower provides a solution to these challenges, offering the capability to automatically record and track order activities for each customer segment after it has been created. This ensures that businesses have access to up-to-date and accurate data, enabling them to make informed decisions based on the true performance of their customer segments.

Delve into Revenue History

Should you wish to delve into the segment's order activities prior to its creation, a specialized process is available to reproduce this historical data. For detailed instructions on accessing these retrospective insights, please consult the following guide:

Reproduce Metric History

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