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How to Further Enhance Customer Resolution by Integrating Asklayer and ECPower
How to Further Enhance Customer Resolution by Integrating Asklayer and ECPower

How to Further Enhance Customer Resolution by Integrating Asklayer and ECPower

Updated At:
Jun 21, 2024


What is Asklayer?

Asklayer is a tool provided by Peak Digital that allows easy implementation of surveys within a website. It enables tagging users based on their responses, which can be utilized for marketing purposes. This tool helps in exploring customer psychology that is not apparent from Shopify purchase data alone.

About Shopify App - ECPower Segment Management

ECPower is a tool for creating and managing customer segments based on Shopify order data. It consolidates various segments such as "first-time customers," "loyal customers," and "fans of specific product lines" scattered across different tools, allowing for tracking of metrics like customer count, repeat purchase rate, Lifetime Value (LTV), and sales.

ECPower enables the creation of customer segments using data from apps integrated with Shopify, such as "LINE-connected customers" and "subscription customers." Since ECPower's customer segments automatically synchronize with Shopify, they can be utilized across various Shopify tools.

Capabilities Unleashed by Integrating ECPower and Asklayer

Delivering Surveys Based on ECPower's Behavioral Segments with Asklayer

Try conducting surveys with Asklayer targeted at ECPower's customer segments based on order data, such as "repeat purchasers of a specific product category" or "customers who haven't made a purchase in the last three months."

Creating and Analyzing Customer Segments Based on Survey Responses

Use responses from post-purchase and product surveys to create customer segments in ECPower. Analyze common purchasing behaviors among users who provided the same responses to gain a deeper understanding of your customers.

Integration Method

Step 1: Synchronizing ECPower Customer Segments with Shopify Customer Tags

Set up "automatic synchronization" with Shopify for the customer segments created in ECPower.

By specifying a "Shopify customer tag name," the latest membership information for customer segments will always be reflected.

Mechanism of ECPower's Segment Auto-Synchronization

ECPower automatically performs the following processes daily:

  • Adding the specified Shopify customer tags to new members of customer segments.
  • Removing specified Shopify customer tags from customers no longer in the segments.

This ensures that the latest customer segment information is reflected in Shopify customer tags.

Step 2: Utilizing ECPower's Customer Segments in Asklayer

In Asklayer's survey distribution settings, selecting customer tags set in ECPower (ecp-xxx) under "User Targeting" allows for surveys to be specifically delivered to users within certain customer segments.

Step 3: Using Asklayer to Tag Customers Based on Responses for ECPower's Segment Creation

Asklayer's "Question" configuration enable setting actions based on answers. By assigning "Shopify customer tags" according to each answer, these tags can be leveraged for creating customer segments in ECPower.

Application Example: Complementing Unavailable Attributes and Customer Psychology Data with Surveys

In the faceless marketing of eCommerce stores, grasping customer psychology is crucial yet challenging. Since it's difficult to confirm directly through conversation, ECPower recommends inferring customer psychology from "behavioral and purchase data."

However, Asklayer simplifies this process. For example, consider complementing information through surveys on:

  • Demographic data (age groups like 20s, 30s, etc., and gender)
  • Needs and product preferences (interest in new products, etc.)
  • Satisfaction levels (NPS scores, etc.)

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