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Popular products | Gain insights from best-selling product report at each segment in your Shopify Store

Last Update:
May 9, 2024

Understanding your Shopify store's dynamics can significantly impact your marketing strategies and sales outcomes. In an era where data-driven decisions rule, gaining insights from best-selling product reports per customer segment is invaluable. This article will explore how to identify your best-selling products across different segments and why these insights are crucial for your business.

Detailed Insights from the "Popular products" Report

The core of our analysis lies in a comprehensive report that delineates your products based on their popularity. It's important to note that this analysis focuses on the buyer, not on the number of sales, providing a nuanced understanding of customer preferences.

🎁 Popular Products

At the heart of the report are the popular products within a segment, where we present the customer count and the ratio. The denominator in this calculation is the total number of customers in the segment. This approach offers a clear view of what products are resonating with your audience, providing a straightforward metric to gauge customer interest and satisfaction.

🎁 Popular Products for the Initial Purchase

Understanding what drives customers to make that first purchase is crucial. This report highlights the popular products for initial purchases in a segment, again listing the customer count and their ratio expressed as a percentage. Here, the denominator is the total customer count within the segment, offering insights into which products effectively convert newcomers into buyers.

🎁 Popular Products for the Second Purchase

The journey doesn’t end with the first purchase. This report also sheds light on the popular products that customers buy the second time around. It details the customer count and ratio, with the repeat customer count serving as the denominator. This information is key to understanding customer loyalty and what keeps them coming back.

🎁 Popular Products for the Latest Purchase

Delve into the popular products in their latest purchases. This report details the customer count and ratio. The denominator in this calculation is the total number of customers in the segment. By spotlighting the latest preferences among our clientele, this analysis provides invaluable insights into current trends and customer retention strategies. It pinpoints the evolving tastes and preferences, helping businesses tailor their offerings to meet the ever-changing demands of their customer base.

Why "Popular products" Report Matters

The insights drawn from understanding which products are purchased by customers reveal detailed needs and preferences within your customer segments. This data is not just numbers; it’s a narrative about what your customers value and how they interact with your store.

Reports on first and subsequent purchases offer practical insights into the customer journey. They guide which products to promote at the beginning of the customer journey, based on historical purchase data, enabling targeted and effective marketing strategies.

Use Cases - Recommended Segments Filters

To maximize the utility of this report, consider filtering by:

  • Segments based on the initial purchased product: This allows you to identify which products are popular for subsequent orders, helping determine promotional strategies for new customers.
  • Segments based on initial referrer or acquisition channel: Understanding which products are popular for initial purchases can optimize your promotion lists and strategies. You'll also gain insights about which products to promote for subsequent purchases to your new customers.
  • Your target segment, like "RFM segments": Delving into specific segments offers deep insights into customer preferences, helping tailor your offerings and promotions to match customer desires closely.

Leveraging this report effectively can transform how you approach sales and marketing strategies, making your efforts more aligned with customer needs and preferences. The insights provided by understanding your best-selling products per customer segment are not just beneficial; they're essential for staying competitive and fostering growth in today's market.

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