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Repeat Customer Rate | What is and how to track it per customer segments in your Shopify Store

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May 9, 2024

In the digital marketplace, understanding and nurturing customer relationships are pivotal for sustaining and scaling a business. A key metric that online retailers, especially those utilizing Shopify, should closely monitor is the Repeat Customer Rate (RCR). This metric not only sheds light on customer loyalty and satisfaction but also highlights the effectiveness of your retention strategies. In this comprehensive guide, we delve into what Repeat Customer Rate entails, its importance, and how you can track it over time to improve customer engagement and profitability in your Shopify store.

Metric Definition

Definition: Customer who's placed follow-up order /  All Customers

What's Repeat Customer Rate and why it matters?

Repeat Customer Rate is a crucial metric that signifies the proportion of customers who have made more than one purchase from your store within a specific timeframe. It's an essential indicator of customer loyalty, as it focuses on those who have chosen to engage with your brand repeatedly. Similar to the Repeat Purchase Rate, RCR essentially measures the same aspect of customer behavior, albeit from a slightly different angle.

Another related term is the Repeat Order Rate, which, while similar, calculates the rate of repeat orders for specific products rather than the broader customer engagement with the store. It's vital to distinguish between these metrics, as Repeat Customer Rate offers insights into the overall loyalty and satisfaction of your customer base, making it a key focus for businesses aiming to enhance their lifetime value.

Tracking Repeat Customer Rate of Your Segment Over Time

Monitoring the evolution of your Repeat Customer Rate over time is crucial for understanding the impact of your marketing and customer retention strategies. For instance, segmenting your customer base according to different product lines or needs can help you tailor your approaches more effectively, enabling you to track and enhance the Repeat Customer Rate within each segment accordingly.

However, many tools, including Shopify's native analytics, fall short in providing detailed tracking of Repeat Customer Rate over time for specific segments. This is where ECPower comes into play. ECPower allows you to automatically track the Repeat Customer Rate of your customer segments once created, offering a comprehensive view of how your retention strategies are performing across different customer groups.

Delve into Metric History

From the moment you create a segment, ECPower provides the capability to visually track its Repeat Customer Rate history through graphical representations. This feature allows for an intuitive understanding of how the segment has evolved over time.

Should you wish to delve into the segment's metrics prior to its creation, a specialized process is available to reproduce this historical data. For detailed instructions on accessing these retrospective insights, please consult the following guide:

Reproduce Metric History

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