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Popular Sales Channels | Gain insights for your omnichannel marketing in your Shopify Store.

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May 9, 2024

In the rapidly evolving digital marketplace, understanding where and how your customers engage with your brand can significantly enhance your marketing strategies. With over 60 analytical reports from ECPower, businesses operating Shopify stores can now dive deeper into their sales channels, distinguishing customer segments and refining their marketing tactics effectively.

What are 'Sales Channels'?

Sales channels are the various platforms through which you sell your products, all integrated into your Shopify management system. This integration allows you to streamline tracking of products, orders, and customer interactions across all channels. Here's where your products might be sold:

Key Sales Channels Include:

  • Online Store: Direct sales through your Shopify-built online storefront.
  • Point of Sale (POS): In-person sales at brick-and-mortar locations using Shopify POS.
  • Shop App: Sales via Shopify’s own mobile shopping application.
  • Social Media Platforms: Direct sales from social media channels like Facebook and Instagram.
  • Buy Button: Sales initiated from embedded Shopify buy buttons on external websites or blogs.
  • Shopify Inbox: Sales conducted through direct customer interactions within the Shopify Inbox.

Detailed Insights from the "Popular Sales Channels" Report

🏠 Popular Sales Channels

This section ranks sales channels based on their popularity, detailing customer counts and their ratio compared to the total segment member count. Such insights help identify which channels are most effective at attracting customers.

🏠 Popular Sales Channels for the Initial Purchase

Understanding which channels effectively convert first-time buyers is crucial for tailoring early customer interactions. This report section provides rankings, customer counts, and ratios, offering insights into which channels are best at initiating customer relationships.

🏠 Popular Sales Channels for the Second Purchases

This section of the report ranks sales channels based on their popularity for customers' second purchases, detailing customer counts and ratios. These insights help identify channels that effectively encourage customers to return, indicating successful follow-up marketing strategies.

🏠 Popular Sales Channels for the Latest Purchases

This report focuses on the most recent purchases, ranking sales channels by current popularity and providing customer counts and ratios. This data is crucial for identifying emerging trends in customer behavior and adjusting marketing tactics accordingly.

Why 'Popular Sales Channels' Insights Matter

The journey between various purchasing platforms, from social media to in-person stores, paints a comprehensive picture of customer behavior and channel effectiveness. These insights are essential for:

  • Increasing Exposure: Utilizing platforms like Shopify's 'Shop' app or social media purchase buttons to boost visibility.
  • Enhancing Customer Journeys: Understanding transitions between channels can help refine strategies to increase regular purchases at your online store.
  • Visualizing Omnichannel Strategy: Integrating in-person and online experiences to create a cohesive marketing strategy that leverages each channel's strengths.

Use Cases - Recommended Segments Filters

  • Segments Based on Initial Sales Channels: Analyze customers who made their first purchase through non-Shopify online channels to understand how these channels contribute to subsequent online shop purchases. This analysis helps gauge the effectiveness of your channel strategy.
  • Repeat or Loyal Customer Segments: Insights from where loyal customers initially and repeatedly purchase can inform enhancements to your omnichannel strategies, ensuring you are engaging customers effectively across all platforms.

By leveraging the "Popular Sales Channels" insights provided by ECPower, Shopify store owners can gain a deep understanding of how each sales channel contributes to customer acquisition and retention. This information is invaluable for refining marketing strategies and ensuring that each channel is optimized to contribute to the overall success of the store.

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