Commerce Empowerment
For Everyone.

We aim to digitalize ecommerce growth.


Radical and Simple

We aim for simple and sophisticated products. We don't make products that can do everything. We refine the critical functions to the fullest, and maximize value in collaboration with the ecosystem.


Our goal is to design products that not only serve a purpose but also delight the user. By eliminating the tedious aspects of users' tasks, we free them to focus on the core, creative, and enjoyable aspects of their work.

Bring Expertise to All

We don't create tools for experts. We encapsulate data analytics and eCommerce growth into software, striving for products that are universally accessible and simple to grasp for beginners.

Worldwide Collaboration, Universal Reach

We unite global talents to create products used worldwide. Our focus is not on a specific region, but on inclusivity and simplicity, ensuring our tools are intuitive and relevant for users across the globe.


Hiromu Masuda / "Hiro"

Founder & CEO

Graduated from the Faculty of Engineering at the University of Tokyo. In July 2020, founded ECPower Inc. Joined CyberAgent Inc. as a new graduate, serving as an engineer in charge of commercial distribution at the ABEMA Advertising Division. As a data and algorithm engineer in the data science field, responsible for creating a data analysis platform for optimal commercial distribution, and conducting data analysis and algorithm design.

Omi Kobayashi / "Omi"

COO / BizDev

Graduated from the Faculty of Economics at the University of Tokyo. Joined ECPower in February 2023. Upon graduating, started working at Hitachi, Ltd., where he was involved in the development of new businesses in the areas of smart cities, healthcare, and industrial sectors. He led a co-creation project with startups in the field of Video Analytics. From 2020, he worked as an expat in China for three years.



ECPower Inc.
Win Aoyama Bldg. Floor 6
2-2-15 Minami-Aoyama, Minato, Tokyo, Japan
Developing and Providing the SaaS Product "ECPower"
Hiromu Masuda
Jul 2020


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