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Average Order Count | What is and how to track it per customer segments in your Shopify Store

Last Update:
May 9, 2024

In the dynamic landscape of e-commerce, grasping the concept of Average Order Count and its impact on customer loyalty and business growth is essential. As online businesses strive to personalize customer experiences and optimize their marketing efforts, understanding the frequency of purchases becomes a cornerstone for strategic planning. Here's how Average Order Count serves as a key metric and how ECPower facilitates its tracking to empower Shopify store owners.

Metric Definition

Definition: the average number of purchases per customer within a specified segment.

What's Average Order Count and Why It Matters

Average Order Count is defined as the average number of purchases per customer within a specified segment. Average Order Count not only measures the loyalty and engagement levels of customers but also serves as an indicator of the effectiveness of your marketing and retention strategies. In the context of RFM analysis, Frequency—reflected by Order Count—helps in identifying your most loyal customers, offering insights into the health of your customer relationships and the potential for long-term business growth.

Increasing the Average Order Count within your focused customer segments implies that your strategies are successful in encouraging repeat purchases, thereby increasing the overall Lifetime Value of your customers. This metric, therefore, plays a pivotal role in both strategic decision-making and operational marketing efforts.

Tracking Average Order Count Over Time

Tracking the improvement in Average Order Count for your key customer segments is vital. Whether managing segments based on specific product lines, initial acquisition channels, or other criteria, monitoring changes in purchase frequency can reveal the impact of your retention marketing efforts.

However, many tools offering segmentation capabilities fall short in providing the ability to track the progression of Average Order Count over time. This limitation extends to Shopify's native admin interface, underscoring the need for a more capable solution. ECPower addresses this gap by enabling the automatic tracking of the Average Order Count for customer segments post-creation.

Delve into Average Order Count History

From the moment you create a segment, ECPower provides the capability to visually track its Average Order Count history through graphical representations. This feature allows for an intuitive understanding of how the segment has evolved over time.

Should you wish to delve into the segment's metrics prior to its creation, a specialized process is available to reproduce this historical data. For detailed instructions on accessing these retrospective insights, please consult the following guide:

Reproduce Metric History

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