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Popular UTM Parameters

Popular UTM Parameters | Gain insights from where your customers are coming from the most at each segment in your Shopify Store.

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May 9, 2024

In today’s data-driven e-commerce environment, leveraging UTM parameters offers a distinct advantage by providing clear visibility into the effectiveness of different marketing strategies. The insights gleaned from ECPower's "Popular UTM Parameters" report equip Shopify store owners with the necessary data to refine their customer acquisition and retention tactics effectively.

Detailed Insights from the "Popular referrers" Report

What's 'UTM parameters' and how do they work on Shopify?

UTM parameters, often referred to as UTM codes or tags, are snippets of code added to the end of a URL. They play a crucial role in tracking the effectiveness of online marketing campaigns across traffic sources and publishing media. Shopify store owners can use UTM parameters to see precisely how visitors interact with their site, helping to pinpoint the success of specific campaigns.

These parameters include:

  • utm_source: Identifies the source of the traffic, such as Google, Facebook, or an email campaign.
  • utm_medium: Specifies the medium the link was used on, like email or social media.
  • utm_campaign: Describes the specific campaign associated with the link, like a seasonal sale or product launch.
  • utm_term: Highlights which keywords were effective in PPC campaigns.
  • utm_content: Helps distinguish between links that go to the same URL from the same campaign, like text link or logo link.

An example of a URL with UTM parameters might look like this:

📢 Popular UTM Source

This report identifies the most common UTM sources (like social media, search engines, or email campaigns) that drive traffic to your Shopify store. It measures the customer count and their proportion relative to the total customer base. By highlighting the most effective traffic sources, this report enables businesses to understand where to focus their marketing efforts for maximum impact. This data is crucial for optimizing marketing spends and strategies by revealing the strongest channels for customer acquisition.

📢 Popular UTM Source for the Initial Purchase

This report pinpoints which UTM sources are most effective at attracting customers who make their first purchase, presented as a percentage of the total number of first-time buyers. It offers valuable insights into which channels are most successful at converting new leads into customers, aiding strategic decision-making for targeted campaigns. The information is particularly useful for refining acquisition strategies and boosting conversion rates from specific traffic sources.

📢 Popular UTM Source for the Repeat Purchases

Analyzes UTM sources that lead to repeat purchases, focusing on their contribution to customer retention and loyalty. The data is shown as a percentage of the total repeat customer count. This helps understand which channels are effective at maintaining customer interest and encouraging repeat business. Vital for enhancing retention strategies and identifying channels that contribute to sustained customer engagement.

📢 Popular UTM Medium

Tracks the most effective mediums—such as email, social media, or pay-per-click—that direct traffic to the store, along with the percentage of the total customer base they represent. Reveals which mediums are most effective in guiding potential customers to your store. Assists in allocating marketing resources more efficiently by highlighting the most successful mediums.

📢 Popular UTM Medium for the Initial Purchase

Identifies which mediums are most successful at driving initial purchases, quantified by the percentage of first-time buyers. Provides clarity on which marketing mediums are most effective at converting new users into buyers. Crucial for optimizing budget allocation and refining marketing strategies to maximize initial conversions.

📢 Popular UTM Medium for the Repeat Purchases

Examines which mediums continue to engage existing customers, encouraging them to make repeat purchases, with data calculated based on the repeat customer count. Offers insights into which communication channels retain customers best, helping to sustain long-term customer relationships. Essential for developing focused retention marketing strategies that effectively bring back existing customers.

📢 Popular UTM Campaign

Reveals which specific marketing campaigns (identified by UTM_campaign tags) are the most successful across different customer segments, displaying the data in terms of customer count and percentage. Provides a clear view of which campaigns resonate best with your audience. Helps in evaluating the effectiveness of different promotional strategies and optimizing future campaigns.

📢 Popular UTM Campaign for the Initial Purchase

Focuses on identifying which campaigns effectively convert prospects into first-time buyers, presented as a percentage of all initial purchases. Sheds light on the campaign messages and offers that are most compelling to new customers. Useful for refining campaign strategies to boost initial purchase rates.

📢 Popular UTM Campaign for the Repeat Purchases

Analyzes which campaigns lead to repeat purchases, with the data expressed as a percentage of the total number of repeat customers. Helps understand which campaign elements contribute to ongoing customer loyalty and repeat buying behavior. Critical for identifying successful campaign elements that foster long-term customer relationships and repeat business.

Why 'Popular UTM parameters' Insights Matter

While session-based reporting can sometimes be a black box, especially with the increasing use of private browsers that hinder data capture, UTM parameters provide a powerful way to obtain accurate information about user journeys. They are especially valuable for understanding which campaigns drive conversions among loyal customers, which ads contribute to new customer acquisition, and how effective your email marketing strategies are at encouraging repeat purchases.

Use Cases - Recommended Segments Filters

  • Repeat or Loyal Customer Segments: By studying the journey of your current loyal customers, you can better understand what retention marketing strategies work. Analyzing the routes through which they make their first and subsequent purchases provides actionable insights.
  • Segments Based on Initial Purchase behaviors: By examining the purchase paths of different customer segments—whether defined by the product initially purchased or the acquisition channel—you can understand how they transition to repeat purchases.

By understanding the specific sources, mediums, and campaigns that attract and retain customers, merchants can optimize their marketing efforts to not only capture more leads but also enhance customer loyalty. Ultimately, these insights enable Shopify store owners to make more informed decisions, aligning their marketing strategies with actual customer behavior and preferences to drive sustainable business growth.

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