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Enhancing CRM with ChannelTalk and ECPower Integration
Enhancing CRM with ChannelTalk and ECPower Integration

Enhancing CRM with ChannelTalk and ECPower Integration

Updated At:
Jun 21, 2024


What is ChannelTalk?

ChannelTalk is an all-in-one AI business messenger provided by Channel Corp., designed for creating loyal customers through a customer chat & management (CRM) platform. It enables centralized communication through Shopify store chat inquiries, SMS, Instagram, and more. Features include a chatbot for automating frequently asked questions and CRM marketing functionalities for delivering messages via chat and SMS.

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About Shopify App - ECPower Segment Management

ECPower is a tool for creating and managing customer segments based on Shopify order data. It allows for the unified management of various customer segments, such as new customers, loyal customers, and fans of specific product lines, tracking metrics like customer count, repeat rate, LTV, and sales. Customer segments created with ECPower can be automatically synced with Shopify, enabling their use across various Shopify tools.

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What You Can Do by Integrating ECPower and ChannelTalk

Advanced CRM Marketing with ChannelTalk

Integrate ECPower's customer segments based on order data, such as "customers who have purchased a specific product category three times" or "customers whose last purchase was over three months ago," with ChannelTalk's CRM marketing features for mass messaging and automated pop-up delivery. Sales from customer segments in ECPower are automatically recorded, allowing for the measurement of campaign effectiveness.

Enhanced Customer Understanding During Service Interactions

Link meaningful "customer segments" information, like "customers who like blue items" or "customers who first purchased during the XX campaign," to better grasp who the customer is and their needs based on their individual order history and more, right at the time of service.

How to Integrate

Step 1: Sync ECPower Customer Segments with Shopify Customer Tags

Set up "automatic syncing" with Shopify for the customer segments you create in ECPower. Specifying a "Shopify customer tag name" ensures that the latest membership information for customer segments is always reflected.

Mechanism of ECPower Segment Auto-Sync

ECPower automatically performs the following actions daily:

  • Adds the specified Shopify customer tag to new members of a customer segment
  • Removes the specified Shopify customer tag from customers who leave a segment

This keeps Shopify customer tags updated with the latest customer segment information.

Step 2: How to Call ECPower Customer Segments from ChannelTalk

If your Shopify store is integrated with ChannelTalk, the following information is linked:

  • Name, email, mobile number, cart price, cart count, total purchase amount, total purchase count, Shopify customer tags

For integrating ChannelTalk with your Shopify store, refer to ChannelTalk's guide.

Automated and Mass Distribution

By specifying "Shopify customer tags" as the "Audience" for "Campaigns" or "One-times" Marketing feature, messages can be delivered to ECPower's customer segments.

Information Display in Customer Service Chat

Setting up the customer service chat screen to display Shopify customer tags allows you to see which ECPower customer segment a customer belongs to.

Tips: Differences in Segment Creation between ChannelTalk and ECPower

  • ChannelTalk cannot create customer segments using Shopify's order data. Use ECPower for segments based on product types, purchase timings, and frequency.
  • Conversely, ChannelTalk allows for the use of detailed site behavior data not available in ECPower, such as page views and recent visits, enabling more sophisticated delivery strategies.

Benefits of Integrating ChannelTalk and ECPower

Deliver More Relevant Messages to Customers

Focus on customers significant to your store and deliver more relevant messages, such as tailoring new product promotions based on past purchases, rather than generic mass messaging.

Understand CRM Marketing Results by Customer Segment

ECPower's managed customer segments record daily sales, allowing you to review the effectiveness of marketing campaigns and compare responses across different segments for better targeting in future campaigns.

Enrich Customer Service with Detailed Customer Insights

Access to ECPower's customer segments through ChannelTalk's chat screen enables customer service representatives to provide high-resolution web customer service based on a deep understanding of the customer's needs.

Install ECPower

Find ECPower on Shopify app Store.

Begin enhancing your repeat marketing with ECPower, a customer segment management tool compatible with various Shopify apps. Start for free and upgrade your marketing strategies based on customer segments.

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