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How to Leverage Privy and ECPower Integration to Foster Growth in Key Customer Segments
How to Leverage Privy and ECPower Integration to Foster Growth in Key Customer Segments

How to Leverage Privy and ECPower Integration to Foster Growth in Key Customer Segments

Updated At:
Jun 21, 2024


What is Privy?

Privy is a marketing platform for email and SMS. By installing sign-up forms on your website, you can increase your email and SMS contacts, utilize segment distribution, automation, and other features.

About Shopify App - ECPower Segment Management

ECPower is a tool that creates and manages customer segments based on Shopify order data. It consolidates various segments scattered across different tools, such as "first-time customers," "loyal customers," and "fans of a specific product line," allowing you to track customer count, repeat purchase rate, LTV (Lifetime Value), and sales.

You can create customer segments using data from apps integrated with Shopify, such as "WhatsApp-connected customers" and "subscription customers." Moreover, ECPower's customer segments automatically sync with Shopify, enabling the use of these segments across various Shopify tools.

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What You Can Do by Integrating ECPower and Privy

Track the Growth of Customer Segments Beyond a Single Campaign

While Privy offers segment distribution features utilizing Shopify's order data, it's challenging to track whether key customer segments are growing steadily over the medium to long term—whether their numbers or LTV are increasing, or sales are rising as targeted.

Tracking click rates and sales by campaign is possible, but marketers who wish to understand data at the segment level often find this insufficient. Moreover, analyzing which segments to focus on and how to engage with them often exceeds the capabilities of typical email marketing tools.

By using a customer segment management tool for consolidated management, you can track the growth of customer segments themselves, identify which segments to focus on, and enhance communication strategies by understanding the characteristics of customer segments.

Execute Advanced Email Campaigns for Specific Customer Segments

Although Privy has segment distribution features based on Shopify's order data, its flexibility is significantly limited compared to ECPower or Klaviyo. With ECPower, you can create and manage customer segments in steps, such as customers who "purchased a specific category A product first" and then "purchased category B products on subsequent purchases."

It is recommended to manage customer segments with ECPower and execute email campaigns in coordination with Privy.

Share Customer Segments Across WhatsApp and Other Tools

When devising marketing strategies for existing customers, email marketing is a potent option. However, with Google and Yahoo intensifying regulations on newsletters post-2024, leading to lower reach and increased subscription cancellations when users find the content irrelevant, alternative communication methods are being proposed.

By managing customer segments with ECPower, you can utilize the same segments across various tools, not just Privy.

Refine Email Marketing Content with Insights into Customer Segment Characteristics

ECPower allows you to quickly identify the most purchased products within a customer segment or products frequently bought on the first purchase, providing hints for segment-specific strategies.

How to Integrate

Step 1: Sync ECPower's Customer Segments with Shopify Customer Tags

Set up "automatic synchronization" with Shopify for customer segments created in ECPower.

Specifying a "Shopify customer tag name" ensures the latest membership information of customer segments is always reflected.

Mechanism of ECPower's Segment Auto-Sync

ECPower automatically performs the following actions daily:

  • Adds a specified Shopify customer tag to customers newly belonging to a customer segment.
  • Removes the specified Shopify customer tag from customers who are no longer in the segment.

This keeps Shopify customer tags updated with the latest customer segment information.

Step 2: How to Access ECPower's Customer Segments from Privy

If your Shopify store is linked with Privy, you can find ECPower's customer tags in Privy's segment creation screen under "tags."

Create your customer segment in Privy with this condition and proceed with email distribution. ECPower synchronizes customer tags daily, keeping Privy's customer segments up-to-date. Once created, they can be used indefinitely.

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