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How to Integrate Mailchimp and ECPower to Track the Growth of Key Customer Segments
How to Integrate Mailchimp and ECPower to Track the Growth of Key Customer Segments

How to Integrate Mailchimp and ECPower to Track the Growth of Key Customer Segments

Updated At:
Jun 21, 2024


About Mailchimp

Mailchimp, established in 2001, stands as a veteran email marketing service that seamlessly integrates with Shopify.

Its wide-ranging compatibility not only with various e-commerce carts but also with CRM systems like Salesforce, makes it a popular choice beyond e-commerce ventures. However, it's crucial to note that Mailchimp is not exclusively optimized for e-commerce.

Often compared to Klaviyo, Mailchimp distinguishes itself with a plethora of integrations and a rich collection of marketing automation templates. Thanks to Mailchimp Experts, an array of automation templates is available, facilitating easy integration with CRMs like Salesforce, advertising tools like Google Ads, and more.

About Shopify App - ECPower Segment Management

ECPower is a tool designed for Shopify, enabling users to create and manage customer segments based on Shopify order data. It consolidates segments such as "new customers," "loyal customers," and "fans of specific product lines" from various sources, allowing for tracking of metrics such as customer count, repeat purchase rate, LTV, and revenue.

It enables the creation of segments using data from Shopify-integrated apps, such as "WhatsApp customers" and "subscription customers." Customer segments in ECPower are automatically synced with Shopify, making them accessible across Shopify's various tools.

The Benefits of Integrating ECPower and Mailchimp

Track the Growth of Customer Segments Beyond Individual Campaigns

While Mailchimp offers segmentation based on Shopify's order data, tracking the long-term growth of key customer segments in terms of numbers, LTV, and targeted revenue increases can be challenging.

This integration goes beyond campaign-specific metrics like click-through rates and sales, providing marketers with a comprehensive view of customer segment data. This analysis and insight often exceed the capabilities of typical email marketing tools, enabling focused efforts on the most promising segments and refining communication strategies.

Enable Advanced Email Campaigns for Specific Customer Segments

Compared to ECPower and Klaviyo, Mailchimp's segmentation features based on Shopify's order data are somewhat limited. ECPower allows for the creation and management of complex customer segments, such as customers who first purchased from product category A and then from category B.

It's recommended to manage customer segments with ECPower and use Mailchimp for email campaigns, leveraging the strengths of both tools.

Utilize Customer Segments Across WhatsApp and Other Tools

As regulations on email marketing tighten and engagement rates potentially decline, alternative communication methods such as official WhatsApp accounts, mobile app notifications, and site pop-ups are gaining traction.

Managing customer segments with ECPower allows for their use across various tools, not limited to Mailchimp, enhancing marketing strategies.

Refine Email Marketing Content with Insights on Customer Segments

ECPower provides immediate insights into the preferences and behaviors of customer segments, such as most-purchased or frequently bought items by new customers. These insights can serve as valuable cues for tailoring marketing strategies.

How to Integrate

Step 1: Sync ECPower Customer Segments with Shopify Customer Tags

Start by setting up "automatic sync" with Shopify in ECPower. Specifying a "Shopify customer tag name" ensures that the latest customer segment membership is always reflected.

Mechanism of ECPower's Segment Auto-Sync

ECPower automatically performs the following daily:

  • Adds specified Shopify customer tags to new members of a customer segment.
  • Removes specified Shopify customer tags from those who have left a segment.

This process keeps Shopify customer tags up-to-date with the latest customer segment information.

Step 2: Calling ECPower Customer Segments from Mailchimp

Remember you need to sync Shopify tags in the setting page of Mailchimp.

You can find ECPower's customer tags in the "tags" section of Mailchimp's customer segment creation screen.

Create your Mailchimp customer segments with these conditions and proceed with your email campaigns. Since ECPower's customer tags are updated daily, Mailchimp's customer segments will always be current, allowing for their continuous use.

Installing ECPower

Find ECPower on Shopify app Store.

Begin leveraging ECPower, a customer segment management tool compatible with various Shopify apps, starting for free. Upgrade your repeat marketing by focusing on customer segments.

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