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Least Purchased Products | Gain insights from products not performing well at specific segment in your Shopify Store

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May 9, 2024

Least Purchased Products | Gain insights from products not performing well at specific segment in your Shopify Store

For Shopify store owners, understanding which products are flying off the shelves is just one side of the sales equation. Equally important is identifying those items that are not performing well, as they can reveal untapped potential and opportunities for improvement. The "Least Purchased Products" report provides critical insights into the products that have not captured widespread appeal in certain customer segments but may be popular elsewhere.

Detailed Insights from the "Least Purchased Products" Report

This insightful report focuses on your store’s least purchased products, listing them in ascending order based on sales figures. Its main goal is to aid in the discovery process by highlighting non-popular products within specific segments that may, intriguingly, be popular in other segments.

🎁 Least Purchased Products

The report basically lists products with more than one purchaser in ascending order, detailing products that have attracted more than one purchaser but remain at the lower end of the sales spectrum within a specific segment. It includes data on customer count and ratio, where the denominator is the total number of customers in the segment. This data can help you understand the relative interest or disinterest among your customers for these products.

Potentials in the "Least Purchased Products" Report

Occasionally, products that are popular store-wide or in other segments may not resonate as well within a specific customer segment. This discrepancy can be a valuable learning opportunity. By analyzing these products alongside the "Popular Products" report, you can gain a deeper understanding of which items are frequently bought but not often repurchased, as well as identify those that might require targeted marketing strategies to improve their performance in underperforming segments.

Use Cases - Recommended Segments Filters

  • Repeat or Loyal Customer Segments: Analyzing least purchased products within this group can reveal significant insights about products that may contribute to customer loyalty if marketed differently or improved upon. This understanding can help in developing tailored recommendations to nurture repeat business from your most loyal customers.
  • Any Targeted Segments: Comparing the performance of these products across different segments can provide meaningful insights. For instance, a product that is least popular in one demographic may be a hidden gem in another. Recognizing these patterns can allow for strategic reallocation of marketing efforts or even product development tailored to the preferences of specific segments.

By focusing on the least purchased products in your Shopify store, you not only identify underperformers but also unlock potential strategies for turning these products into valuable assets for your business. This report is crucial for those looking to optimize every corner of their inventory and ensure that no product is left behind simply due to lack of exposure or alignment with customer needs.

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