🪄“Segment Auto-sync” with Shopify Customer Tag is Released

Feb 11, 2024


Previously, to integrate customer segments with other tools, we provided a feature that allowed you to manually assign Shopify customer tags to customers in a segment. However, when the customers included in a segment changed, it was necessary to manually update the tags.

Now, once you activate the automatic sync for a customer segment, ECPower will perform the following actions daily:

  • Assign the specified Shopify customer tag to new members of the segment
  • Remove the Shopify customer tag from customers who are no longer in the segment

This means that once you activate automatic sync for a segment you want to integrate, you can always refer to the latest ECPower segments in other tools 🔍

Overview of the Feature

This feature automatically syncs ECPower customer segments with Shopify Customer Tags.

Every day, the following automatic sync processes occur:

  • Assigning Shopify customer tags to new members of customer segments.
  • Removing Shopify customer tags from customers who are no longer in a segment.

Using this feature allows any tool that can filter by Shopify customer tags to utilize ECPower customer segments.

Find ECPower segments in Shopify Admin

Find ECPower segments in Omnisend

Find ECPower segments in Klaviyo

Activate Automatic Sync

  • Open "Integration" tab in the customer segment detail page.
  • Click the icon on the right side of the “Status” to open the settings, then turn the status toggle ON, specify a tag name, and save.
  • The prefix "ecp-" is automatically added to the beginning of all customer tag names, making it easier to search in other tools.
  • When you turn the setting “Active”, the process of initially assigning customer tags starts immediately. Once the status shows “Active”, the initial tagging is complete. Notification will also be sent by email.

See detail guide

From Product Team
With this update, any tool integrated with Shopify can now refer to and use latest ECPower's customer segments. Try sending more accurate messages based on purchase behavior segments using various advanced communication tools 📣 ECPower enhances the tools you already use, making your marketing strategies even more effective. Begin segment-driven marketing strategies with ECPower today🚀