🔔Prenotice: Release of "One Store, Multiple User Accounts" Feature

Jun 3, 2024

Due to the update, maintenance work will be conducted on June 8-9. During this period, logging into ECPower and using all its features will be unavailable, so please take note.


Until now, ECPower has adopted a one store: one user account system. This posed security challenges, especially in use cases involving collaboration with team members or sharing accounts with support partners.

With this update, multiple user accounts can be issued for one store, each with a unique login email address and password. Invite team members and support partners to accelerate collaboration!


  • Owner: Can use all ECPower services, including inviting members. The email address used during the initial sign-up will default to the owner account.
  • Member: Can use all ECPower services except inviting members.


The login information (email address and password) used before the update will be transferred to the "Owner" user account.

The display language of member invitation emails will be based on the display language settings used before the update. For example, if the current display language is set to English, the invitation emails will be sent in English even if the display language is changed to Japanese after the update.

Maintenance Notice

To apply this update, maintenance will be conducted from June 8, 2024 (Sat) 0:00 UTC to June 9, 2024 (Sun) 12:00 UTC.

During the maintenance period, all services will be inaccessible. We appreciate your understanding.