🔍 Now Easier to Review Individual Customer Data

Apr 23, 2024

View customer-specific data via a side peek on the customer segment detail

  • You can now view customer-specific data via a side peek directly from the customer segment detail page.
  • Review order history without leaving the customer segment detail

Detailed data for each customer's orders in a side peek

You can review detailed data for each order on a customer-by-customer basis.

Data includes: Traffic source, landing page, UTM source, UTM medium, UTM campaign, sales channel, order tags, and purchased products.

From the Product Team

Customer segments are a useful tool that provides you a granular of customers not visible in the overall customer data. However, determining the best angle to view this data can be challenging. We believe the key is in examining the data of individual customers. We will continue to update our systems to facilitate smoother transitions between customer data and segment data.