🍱Explore Over 60 Characteristics of Customer Segments Now Available

Mar 17, 2024


ECPower's "Features" function has been designed to delve into the purchasing behaviors of segmented customers, such as "loyal customers" or "customers who made their first purchase with Product A". Through ongoing discussions with our users during the beta phase, we recognized a demand for insights into various features, such as the products that are popular on a second purchase, distribution of average spend, and repeat purchase intervals.

We are excited to unveil the new and improved "Features" function, now enriched with over 60 variations.

Core Specifications

This function reports on the past orders of currently segmented customers, showcasing the top ten characteristics.

It's designed to provide insights into the question, "Who are our customers?" by focusing on the number of customers and their proportional representation within the overall segment.

The default analysis covers all historical order data of the segment's members. By setting a specific analysis period, you can pinpoint characteristics based on orders within that timeframe, allowing insights into trends such as popular products, average spend, and key customer acquisition channels over the last month.

Report Categories

  • Product preferences: Highlights which types of products, categories, and tags are favored by customers.
  • Source of visits: Identifies which acquisition channels, referral sources, and UTM parameters are most effective.
  • Order methods: Delves into the preferred sales channels, order tags, and coupon usage among customers.
  • Order date/time: Analyzes when customers are most likely to make purchases, broken down by month, week, and time of day.
  • Customer stats/properties: Examines metrics like spending amounts, purchase frequencies, and intervals between purchases, as well as customer tags and demographics.


For those on our paid plan, additional detailed reports are available, including insights on the first purchase, second purchase, repeat purchases, and the most recent purchase, providing a comprehensive view of customer behavior.

  • First Purchase: You can see the features of each customer's first order.
  • Second Purchase: You can see the features of each customer's second order.
  • Repeat Purchases: You can see the features of all orders after the second purchase of each customer.
  • Latest Purchase: You can see the features of the latest order of each customer.

Unique to ECPower

  • Least popular products: Lists products and product types with more than one purchaser in ascending order. This was developed with the intention of helping to discover unpopular products within a segment that may be popular in others.
  • Popular products purchased bundled with something: You can see products that are often purchased together.
  • Popular product count in a single order: You can see whether customers who purchase a single item or those who make combined purchases are more prevalent.
  • Most popular lifetime duration range: You can see how the days from the first to the latest purchase are distributed.

For More Information

Please refer to our detailed guide page for further specifications.