💡 Expanded the Limit for "Customer Segment Insights" to 100 Entries

Apr 23, 2024

Change from "Features" to "Insights"

We have changed the name of the functionality that aggregates various purchasing patterns for each customer segment from "Features" to "Insights."

You can access it from the sidebar menu, as well as shortcut to it from each segment's detail page.

Expanded the entries in "Insights"

  • For insights on customer segments, we have expanded the limit of items displayed to up to 100 entries.

Upcoming Updates

We will continue to expand the range of reports available under "Insights" to enable a deeper understanding of each customer segment's characteristics through various insights.

  • Implementation of a "Persona" page that reveals the characteristics of customer segments (summary of "Insight" data)
  • Insights related to product combinations
  • Insights on products that are likely to lead to the next purchase
  • Functionality to create customer segments from insights