🔧Added "Create Shopify Segments Simultaneously" Option to Shopify Customer Tag Auto-Sync

Mar 1, 2024

In our last update, we released a feature for auto-syncing ECPower customer segments with Shopify customer tags.


In addition to this, we have now released an option that allows the creation of segments in the Shopify admin interface, which include the specified Shopify customer tags as conditions, simultaneously when auto-sync is set up.

This ensures that customer segments managed in ECPower are fully synced with segments in the Shopify admin interface.

This makes integration with tools that directly reference Shopify segments, such as Shopify Email, even more convenient. Please make use of this feature.

How to Set Up

From the ECPower customer segment details screen, go to the Integration tab to set up auto-sync.

When specifying the Shopify customer tag name to sync, check the option "Create Shopify segments simultaneously."

The creation of Shopify segments will occur simultaneously with the initial Shopify customer tag assignment process when sync is turned ON.


  • The segment name in the Shopify admin interface will be created based on the customer tag name specified in the ECPower auto-sync settings screen. If you need to change the segment name in the Shopify admin interface, please edit it from there.
  • If auto-sync between customer segments and customer tags is deactivated in ECPower, the linked Shopify customer tags will be deleted, but the segments in the Shopify admin interface will not be deleted. Please manually delete them if necessary.
  • When deleting a customer segment itself in ECPower, the Shopify customer tags that are auto-synced with the customer segment will not be deleted, nor will the segments in the Shopify admin interface be deleted. If you wish to delete the Shopify customer tags as well, please deactivate auto-sync before deleting the customer segment.