Stores with a wide range of SKUs

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Grasp Customers at Each “Selling Floor”

Leverage ECPower to focus on specific product lines instead of the entire inventory when managing key performance indicators. Think about tailoring promotions and cross-selling strategies to meet customer needs. Begin by organizing your customers based on the specific areas of your store they engage with most.

Your challenges ECPower can address

Manage Metrics by Category, Not Just Overall

Stores with extensive and varied product offerings face difficulty in understanding their performance through general metrics and KPIs alone. Segmenting customer data and managing it according to specific needs can be a complex task with platforms like Shopify alone. ECPower allows you to categorize customers based on the sections of your store they frequent, enabling you to oversee detailed metrics like lifetime value, frequency of purchases, and buying cycles with greater ease.

Conduct Promotions and Cross-selling that Meet Needs

Sending generic messages to your entire customer base may not always yield the best results. With ECPower, you can divide your customers according to the areas of your store they are most interested in. This segmentation enables you to craft more personalized cross-selling opportunities and promote new products more effectively.

Use Case

Stores with a wide range of SKUs

Manage Segments by Your “Selling Floor”

  • Segment your customers based on the "selling floor" concept, using criteria such as the types of products they buy, product tags, and variations (like color or style). Keep track of how many customers fall into each segment and monitor their lifetime value trends.
  • Identify the second most popular product in a different area of your store that might appeal to each customer segment. Use this insight to explore potential cross-selling opportunities.

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ECPower has supercharged our customer management cycle

Bakery Store Merchant

It helps us create unique customer groups and track their lifetime value, focusing on their purchases and behaviors. This tool also enhances our marketing strategies, allowing for more effective planning and action.

ECPower has significantly streamlined our customer relationship and marketing efforts

Cosmetics Store Merchant

Previously, promotions required extensive manual data gathering and list creation. Now, ECPower enables us to quickly form customer groups, launch promotions, and assess their success with ease. It has eliminated the heavy lifting of data collection, saving us time and accelerating our PDCA cycle with its result visualization feature.

Targeted Marketing Has Boosted Customer Engagement and Doubled Conversion Rates.

Gift Store Merchant

Previously, our mass emails were generic, but now we create specific customer groups for more personalized and effective engagement. This not only boosts repeat business but also makes strategizing with customer profiles more enjoyable.

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If you want to track the growth of segments with data, or manage the customer journey, there are benefits to managing customer segments with ECPower. Read more