Gain Deeper Insights into Segments

Benefit from our segment-driven analysis, which includes detailed segment features, cohort analysis, and revenue tracking.

Gain Insight into Segment Features

Effortlessly grasp the characteristics of your customer segments.
Use this data to refine and solidify your marketing strategy.

Use Case

  • Plan win-back campaign based on popular products in your “churned loyal” segment.

  • Reward loyal customer by understanding their product preferences

  • Discover chances for cross selling by examining the second-ranked product in the 'purchased product X' segment.

  • Identify the best communication channel to promote new products


Track Revenue of Each Segment

Track the revenue generated by customer segments to measure monthly sales for your targeted customer groups.
Evaluate the effectiveness of campaigns or strategies.

Use Case

  • Monitor the revenue from your featured segments for each month.

  • Compare revenue across segments in the same marketing campaign.

  • Review campaign history and identify the most effective campaign for each segment.


Monitor X-months CLV by Cohort

Track the growth of customer segments in customer lifetime value by cohort.

What’s cohort analysis and why it matters?

  • Lifetime Value (CLV) is essential for long-term store growth

  • However, it's considered a 'lagging indicator.' To gain a more practical perspective, consider X-month CLV instead

  • The best way to assess X-month CLV is by examining it per 'cohort,' especially to see if it improves in younger cohorts.


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ECPower has supercharged our customer management cycle

Bakery Store Merchant

It helps us create unique customer groups and track their lifetime value, focusing on their purchases and behaviors. This tool also enhances our marketing strategies, allowing for more effective planning and action.

ECPower has significantly streamlined our customer relationship and marketing efforts

Cosmetics Store Merchant

Previously, promotions required extensive manual data gathering and list creation. Now, ECPower enables us to quickly form customer groups, launch promotions, and assess their success with ease. It has eliminated the heavy lifting of data collection, saving us time and accelerating our PDCA cycle with its result visualization feature.

Targeted Marketing Has Boosted Customer Engagement and Doubled Conversion Rates.

Gift Store Merchant

Previously, our mass emails were generic, but now we create specific customer groups for more personalized and effective engagement. This not only boosts repeat business but also makes strategizing with customer profiles more enjoyable.

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If you want to track the growth of segments with data, or manage the customer journey, there are benefits to managing customer segments with ECPower. Read more