Implement Modern Retention Marketing

Implement engaging, modern retention marketing tactics with behavioral data. Cease targeting non-profitable individuals, such as campaign hunters, and instead, reach out at the ideal moment with the right product and content, guided by insights from successful past journeys. Monitor the true revenue generated from each audience segment to continuously refine your strategies.

Target key profitable segments

  • Identify the most profitable segments by comparing audiences from a lifetime value perspective.

  • Understand promising young customer segments through their behavior over specific months, with metric like X-month lifetime value.

  • Locate customer segments contributing significantly to revenue, allowing for focused engagement and resource allocation towards nurturing these key groups for sustained growth.


Reach our at perfect moment

  • Look into the average interval between purchases to understand customer purchase patterns.

  • Create segments based on customer recency, focusing on the timing of their last purchase.

  • Strategically exclude the most active customers to ensure communication flows smoothly and effectively.

  • Tailor your outreach to engage each segment at the most opportune times, enhancing customer satisfaction and loyalty.


Attract with right product and content

  • Elevate engagement with messages tailored to customer preferences and needs by segmenting audiences based on those criteria.

  • Discover campaigns and communications that attract audiences through analysis of past purchase behaviors, including popular products and those that prompt follow-up purchases.

  • Find out hidden products purchased alongside top-sellers to recommend to a broader audience.

  • By maintaining personalized communication, enhance customer loyalty and foster a stronger connection with your brand.


Track campaign results and refine strategies

  • Synchronize ECPower segments with your marketing stack and track true conversion and revenue from these segments beyond session tracking.

  • Monitor and analyze the revenue generated from each segment to understand campaign impact.

  • Evaluate and refine your campaign strategies based on performance metrics, focusing on improving key outcomes such as retention rate and repeat customer share.

  • Enhance your retention marketing efforts for better results and increased revenue.


Optimize marketing cost

  • Eliminate marketing spend inefficiencies by analyzing the average order value distribution among your key audiences.

  • Implement strategic incentives like free shipping thresholds to encourage larger purchases.

  • Discontinue campaigns and channels yielding a poor unit economics.

  • Prune inactive and lost customers from your marketing tools to reduce both marketing and software expenses, ensuring a leaner, more effective marketing strategy.


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Testimonials bakery Image
ECPower has supercharged our customer management cycle

Bakery Store Merchant

It helps us create unique customer groups and track their lifetime value, focusing on their purchases and behaviors. This tool also enhances our marketing strategies, allowing for more effective planning and action.

ECPower has significantly streamlined our customer relationship and marketing efforts

Cosmetics Store Merchant

Previously, promotions required extensive manual data gathering and list creation. Now, ECPower enables us to quickly form customer groups, launch promotions, and assess their success with ease. It has eliminated the heavy lifting of data collection, saving us time and accelerating our PDCA cycle with its result visualization feature.

Targeted Marketing Has Boosted Customer Engagement and Doubled Conversion Rates.

Gift Store Merchant

Previously, our mass emails were generic, but now we create specific customer groups for more personalized and effective engagement. This not only boosts repeat business but also makes strategizing with customer profiles more enjoyable.

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