Nurture Loyal Customers

Increase your loyal customer base and boost the overall lifetime value. Drawing from past successful journeys, smartly nudge newly acquired customers towards their next purchase. Understand the varying preferences across your audience to deliver relevant communications, thereby enhancing engagement. Discover a better path to customer loyalty and redesign the entirety of your retention marketing.

Trigger repeat purchase smarter

  • Discover successful customer journeys, segmenting your audience by their initial purchasing patterns.

  • Determine the optimal timing for engagement from purchase interval distribution between initial and second purchase, and strategically encourage repeat buys.

  • Utilize proven discount strategies to incentivize further purchases.

  • Promote the best products to elevate your repeat purchase rate and overall lifetime value.


Attract with right product and content

  • Elevate engagement with messages tailored to customer preferences and needs by segmenting audiences based on those criteria.

  • Discover campaigns and communications that attract audiences through analysis of past purchase behaviors, including popular products and those that prompt follow-up purchases.

  • Find out hidden products purchased alongside top-sellers to recommend to a broader audience.

  • By maintaining personalized communication, enhance customer loyalty and foster a stronger connection with your brand.


Find bottlenecks in purchase steps

  • Identify which steps in the purchase process act as bottlenecks to retention.

  • Locate stages where the average order value increases and pinpoint steps that stabilize the repeat purchase cycle.

  • Cease blanket communications to all existing customers; instead, target customers at specific stages with tailored communications.

  • Optimize your funnel to boost loyalty by addressing and smoothing out these critical bottlenecks.


Discover better path to loyal customer

  • Learn from past successful customer journeys to discover the path to becoming an ideal customer.

  • Monitor how customers navigate through each step, and tailor your communications to align with their specific situations and needs.

  • Cultivate a journey that not only respects the customer's progression and enhances their loyalty and connection to your brand.


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ECPower has supercharged our customer management cycle

Bakery Store Merchant

It helps us create unique customer groups and track their lifetime value, focusing on their purchases and behaviors. This tool also enhances our marketing strategies, allowing for more effective planning and action.

ECPower has significantly streamlined our customer relationship and marketing efforts

Cosmetics Store Merchant

Previously, promotions required extensive manual data gathering and list creation. Now, ECPower enables us to quickly form customer groups, launch promotions, and assess their success with ease. It has eliminated the heavy lifting of data collection, saving us time and accelerating our PDCA cycle with its result visualization feature.

Targeted Marketing Has Boosted Customer Engagement and Doubled Conversion Rates.

Gift Store Merchant

Previously, our mass emails were generic, but now we create specific customer groups for more personalized and effective engagement. This not only boosts repeat business but also makes strategizing with customer profiles more enjoyable.

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