Align Product with Right Audiences

Promote the right product that align with the preferences and needs of your audience. Recommend best product to your repeat customers that contributes next follow-up purchase. Discover better combination of products learning from past successful customer journey. Succeed in new product launch project with right audience and track early performance with customer-centric metrics.

Promote the right product

  • Ensure you're promoting the product that aligns perfectly with your target audience.

  • Discover products that excel at attracting new customers and learn which ones attract more loyal and valuable customers.

  • Examine the lifetime value associated with initially and secondary purchased products, and identify those that serve as ideal introductions to your brand.

  • Strategically remove products from your advertising catalog that tend to attract only one-time purchasers, and refine your focus on fostering long-term customer relationships.


Recommend right product for follow-up

  • Understand your customers' product journey to anticipate their next ideal purchase.

  • Uncover the 'next best' products that align with their preferences and needs, identifying items that consistently result in high satisfaction and repeat orders.

  • Recognize products that enjoy repeated patronage, ensuring targeted recommendations that enhance customer satisfaction and loyalty.


Find best combination for cross-selling

  • Find out popular product combination for each segment and craft compelling product bundles to unlock cross-sell opportunities, enticing customers to expand their purchases.

  • Encourage shoppers to add more items to their carts by identifying and promoting complementary products.

  • Unearth "hidden champions" frequently included in loyal customers' baskets to inform your cross-selling approach.


Launch new products with right audience

  • Identify the perfect customer segments for introducing your new products, gaining early insights into each product's lifetime value and repurchase rates.

  • Closely monitor your product release's success, tracking its impact on sales metrics.

  • Determine if the introduction of new products contributes to an increase in overall sales, ensuring your launch strategy effectively targets the most receptive audiences.


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ECPower has supercharged our customer management cycle

Bakery Store Merchant

It helps us create unique customer groups and track their lifetime value, focusing on their purchases and behaviors. This tool also enhances our marketing strategies, allowing for more effective planning and action.

ECPower has significantly streamlined our customer relationship and marketing efforts

Cosmetics Store Merchant

Previously, promotions required extensive manual data gathering and list creation. Now, ECPower enables us to quickly form customer groups, launch promotions, and assess their success with ease. It has eliminated the heavy lifting of data collection, saving us time and accelerating our PDCA cycle with its result visualization feature.

Targeted Marketing Has Boosted Customer Engagement and Doubled Conversion Rates.

Gift Store Merchant

Previously, our mass emails were generic, but now we create specific customer groups for more personalized and effective engagement. This not only boosts repeat business but also makes strategizing with customer profiles more enjoyable.

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