Customer segmentation tool ECPower has surpassed 100 store installations and has been ranked among the global "Top Movers" apps.

Dec 15, 2023

Customer segmentation tool ECPower, released on Nov 13, has been successfully installed in Shopify stores, including in the United States, Europe, Australia, and Asia. As of Dec 13, one month after its release, the number of installations exceeded 100 stores. The tool is also being adopted by Shopify Plus merchants (stores under Shopify's enterprise plan) both domestically and internationally.

Additionally, as of today, Dec 15, ECPower has ranked in the Top 30 of the "Top Movers" category, as announced by Union Works, a UK company that conducts data statistics for the Shopify App Store. The "Top Movers" category represents the Shopify apps worldwide that have made the most significant ranking gains over the past 30 days. You can view the current status here.

As of Dec 15

ECPower has continuously implemented updates to its features and usability since its release. Here's a brief timeline of updates:

  • Nov 13: Improved template functionality.
  • Nov 28: Released a function for analyzing the features" of customer segments.
  • Dec 13: Enhanced usability of Shopify customer tag integration.
  • Dec 13: Made segment order measurement simpler.

We are committed to sincerely listening to our users' feedback and focusing on refining our product. Please look forward to the future developments of ECPower.

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