We’ve Launched ECPower: The Customer Segment Tool for Shopify

Nov 13, 2023

ECPower, Inc. has released a no-code tool, “Customer Segment Tool ECPower” in the Shopify App Store today. The app allows for managing existing eCommerce customers based on their needs and behavior.

Metrics like CLV (Lifetime Value), average purchase price, and purchase cycles can be compared by segment, helping businesses identify priority customers. Integrating email and SMS distribution tools makes it easier to implement targeted re-engagement strategies. Moreover, users can systematically plan various CLV improvement measures by creating custom customer journeys based on these segments.

The app offers unlimited use of all features at a Free plan. We encourage you to consider our paid plans if you align with our concept of “segmenting customers to nurture repeaters and loyal customers.”

The Backstory of Product Development

The increasing cost of advertising and the impact of the pandemic have raised the bar for acquiring new customers. One in three EC businesses aims to maximize the CLV of their existing customer base. Despite various excellent methods being proposed, like newsletters, Marketing Automation tools, SMS distribution tools, and point apps, we have noticed that many businesses still struggle.

That’s where “Customer Segmentation” comes in. By understanding who your customers are, and what they want, businesses can better leverage various marketing tools.

While it’s crucial to engage with each customer using excellent CRM tools, such engagement might be too granular in a marketing context. Viewing customers as clusters with similar needs or tendencies allows for more effective messaging and communication, ultimately increasing engagement and fan loyalty.

With this in mind, we developed a tool specialized in segmentation, which can serve as the hub for various tools and re-engagement strategies.

Features and Benefits of Customer Segment Tool ECPower

1) Easy Segment Creation from a Variety of Templates:

Users can quickly start creating segments and immediately identify key segments by comparing metrics like repeat rates and CLV across different customer acquisition channels.

2) Intuitive No-code Interface, No Need for Complex Excel Work:

Perform complex data extraction, organization, and analysis tasks with a single click. The flexibility in segmentation exceeds that of any popular email marketing app.

3) Assign Shopify Customer Tags and integrate with Other MA Tools:

Even if other tools don’t offer comprehensive customer segmentation features, you can easily implement segment-based marketing with ECPower.

4) Deep Analysis of Metrics like CLV, Retention Rate, Unit price:

Labor-intensive analysis tables like cohort CLV tables can be generated with a single click.

5) Track Revenue and CVR for Each Segment:

The tool allows for A/B testing, comparing the efficacy of multiple marketing strategies on the same segment.


Managing Director, Boulangerie Asanoya:

“ECPower Has Supercharged Our Customer Management Cycle”

Our game-changing tool, ECPower, allows us to create unique customer groups based on order information and shopping habits. This means we can effectively track and analyze the lifetime value of our customers, based on what they buy and why they buy it. What’s more, we can monitor the success of our marketing strategies, which helps us fine-tune and boost our efforts. ECPower enables us to refine and improve our strategies in a more streamlined PDCA (Plan-Do-Check-Act) cycle.

President, Fruit Gift Specialty Shop ‘Chomusubi’:

“Customized Marketing Has Boosted Our Customer Engagement and Doubled Our Conversion Rates.”

In the past, we had to keep our mass email content generic and inoffensive, which didn’t spark much interest from our customers. Now, with ECPower, we can form customer groups that allow us to better engage our clients and increase repeat business. Even better, we can tailor our content using customer profiles, making it fun to brainstorm new strategies.

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